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Jesse Davila - Bass  (bd. 2/24/1968)

I’ve been singing for the Lord since the year 2000. Growing up in a Hispanic home I was introduced to God early in life.  Unfortunately, as I grew into my teens, and later as a young adult at Bowling Green State University, I strayed away from God.  Being on my own for the first time, and in a college environment, I did the usual stuff most college kids do. I was lost!

Many years went by, but while I was in graduate school (Miami University - Oxford, OH) I dedicated my life to serving Jesus.  At that time I was married and we had two children.  God was really blessing me and life looked good for many years.  As we all know though there will be times we find ourselves in the valley and that happened to me when my marriage failed.  Needless to say I was devastated, but what I didn't know was that God had bigger plans for me!

It wasn’t long after that when I was asked to be the sound engineer for Jericho Road.  I accepted the offer and all was well.  One day at practice I picked up a microphone and sang along on a song called "Daddy Sang Bass" and ever since then I have been the bass singer for Jericho Road.  Though there have been many memorable moments over the years one of the greatest accomplishments I was able to participate in was when Jericho Road went to the Philippines for a two week mission trip in March of 2010.  While we were there many people heard the Gospel and we were blessed with well over 100 people coming forward for Christ!!
Today, I am now married to a wonderful woman of God (Lisa) and together we have three daughters (Kaylene, Beth & Haley) that makes up our family.

I praise and give God all the glory for everything He has blessed me with. I also thank Him for giving me the opportunity to sing in Jericho Road and with these three wonderful men of faith.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop by our website. Many blessings to you and may your relationship with God continue to grow daily!

Dan Clark - Lead  (bd. 7/15/1970)
I grew up in the country just outside of Carey, Ohio.  I am the third oldest of seven children and I graduated from Upper Sandusky High School in 1988.  I had every intention of going to college after graduation, but I ended up getting married and starting a family instead.  I have four great kids, Krista, Casey, Daniel Jr., Shelby and one granddaughter, Lexi. My wife, Connie, and I live in Upper Sandusky, Ohio and we currently attend church at Trinity Evangelical. 

I have always enjoyed singing.  My mom taught me to sing when I was just three years old.  I sang in several different choirs in high school and I also sang in the choir at Our Lady of Consolation in Carey, Ohio. My first group I started singing with was called “The Living Branches”.  In 2005 I released a solo CD entitled “Be Ready For His Return”.  Then, in September 2006, God put me in the path of Jericho Road, and I am so very thankful that God did that. God has given me so many blessings and I am thankful for every one of them.

If I could give anyone some words of wisdom they would be: “Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and He will see you through anything”.  May God bless all of you as much as He has me.

Email Dan:

Rob Watson – Baritone (bd. 8/3/1966)

Here are a few facts about me. I was born in Chicago, IL, but today I live in Groveport, OH with my wife Lisa.  We have been happily married since 1985.  Together we have one son Nathaniel who recently got married himself (Aug. 2016).  Lisa and I attend church at Westside Freewill Baptist Church in Columbus, OH.


I have sung with several groups in the area, the Homelighters Quartet (2000), Cornerstone Gospel Quartet (2002) and I even had my own group for a while called the Master’s Four Quartet (2005). I also have had a solo ministry that started back in 2009.  I was first introduced to Southern Gospel Music at the age of 6 when, at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in downtown Columbus, OH, I saw The Inspirations and the Happy Goodmans. Not bad, huh!


Overall, I've been serving the Lord for over 30 years now, and wouldn't trade it for anything! Where else can you give somebody nothing, and get everything in return! I am so Blessed! I love Southern Gospel Music and I love the platform it gives me to tell folks about what Jesus did for me, and what HE can do for them! I'm excited to be able to stand beside other Christian, like minded men, and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I look forward to meeting you out on the road. May God Bless You All!


Email Rob: jwatson32@columbus.rr.com





Michael Ankney - Tenor  (bd. 8/2/1967)

As the son of a preacher, growing up was one big testimony of what a Christian should be like. That example led me to accept the Lord at the age of 10. Since 1976, I have had many roles in serving Him. I have had success and failure, but I recognize that whatever I do is for His glory.


I have had the pleasure to sing a lot in my life and this is how the Lord speaks to me. I get made fun of sometimes because I will cry during a song, but that is because the Lord is speaking to me through the words of the song. My life of singing started at the age of 10 as the worship song leader in church (only because I was the only one that could sing louder than my father). To this day I help lead the singing at my home church of Miamisburg Assembly of God.


I attended Clearwater Christian College and also sung at Walt Disney World for a couple of years. When I moved back to Ohio I sang with my brother, Ken Ankney, as the Blessings Unlimited for a few years. I then joined the Dayton Ambassadors and sang with them for nearly 22 years. My two favorite tenors are Willie Wynn and Danny Funderberk.


I now sing with Jericho Road and I am looking forward to what God has in store for us. If you see me, come on over and say "Hi". May God continue to bless you!


Email Michael: ankney.michael@yahoo.com